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Genuine water savings

The Greenwell Water Saver is very commonly used in local councils and by home gardeners throughout Australia. Why? To save money on the costs of watering, and to reduce the loss of trees due to heat stress. Recently, Brimbank City Council found a water reduction of 25% for trees using the Greenwell Water Saver


Simple, Quick, Cheap & Deep Watering

Watering plants is important, but how can you get the water to where it matters most? The Greenwell Water Saver  delivers applied water directly and quickly  to the tree rootball (avoiding water run off).


Saves watering time

Councils and home gardeners love our water savers, they simply fill the well with water and leave. For council watering trucks this takes only a few seconds saving valuable time and costs in watering trees.


Stops the scatter of mulch and fertiliser

Don’t you hate it when birds throw all of your mulch out of your garden beds? We help to contain the mulch and fertiliser to ensure that it stays where you put it.


Concentrates water, mulch & fertiliser where needed

Not only does the Greenwell contain water, it also contains mulch and fertiliser as well making it simple to keep a tree adequately watered and fed throughout the year.


Easily installed and repositioned

It takes just a few minutes to setup your Greenwell Water saver. Because of its special zip join it can be easily placed around or taken off a tree.


Unique tree-protecting circle easily opened & closed

Because of its special zip join it can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds – a very versatile product.


Concentrates up to 26 litres (regular size) and 50 litres (large size) of water

The Greenwell Water Saver concentrates water around a plant base ensuring all the water applied is made available to the tree roots.

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Greatly reduces the wastage of our water reserves

We provide you with an extremely efficient, but very simple method of watering your plants in a manner which is friendly to the environment; whilst promoting healthier plants. We contain the water to the areas that need it saving you water and benefiting your plants at the same time.


Maintains a constant and totally efficient bowl integrity around tree trunk

Guards against ponding and resulting trunk rot problems because of constant and efficient bowl integrity. Earthen bowls break down – Greenwell is permanent.


Guards against damage caused by Whipper Snippers

The Greenwell Water Savers also help to ensure that whipper snippers and brush cutters are kept away from the tree trunk. This not only helps ensure the health of the plant, but it also helps to make sure that fertiliser and mulch remains in place.


Can be very easily moved from tree to tree

Water savers are great to be kept on a tree for the first couple of years (and sometimes more), but they are so easy to move that you can move them to another tree if you need to.


Eliminates water run-off

This is great for flat or sloping ground, non-wetting soils, etc. In almost all gardens, situations are common where water tends to run away from a plant base. Greenwell completely solves this problem and therefore makes watering very much easier.


Keeps lawn or grass away from tree trunk

Therefore is great for lawns. Is very tidy in appearance. Local Councils comment on its neat, professional appearance.

Greenwell Ensures Deep Root Watering

Because of its permanent bowl integrity, and therefore its ability to eliminate water runoff, Greenwell is a proven product to ensure deep root watering during tree watering events.

During a tree establishment period, particularly during hot and dry summer periods, deep root watering is essential. Greenwell has been designed to channel all applied water direct and deep into the tree root system.

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Greenwell Water Savers Values:

Integrity, Reliability, Innovation, Respect, Passion, Excellence.

Customer Feedback

The use of the Greenwell producth as resulted in a significant reduction of water usage at our council. We are also using the Greenwell product to assist with the directional training of tree roots in the urban environment to help us minimise the potential for surrounding infrastructure damage. By that I mean helping to get the roots to go down & under footpaths, kerb/channel and minimise future litigation on tree root damage claims. read more

Brimbank City Council

The use of the GreenWell product has become part of our planting procedure and guidelines, it's benefits in ensuring the survival of our juvenile trees are many read more

Joel Ashforth

Surface soil profiles are so diverse' Getting water into a root-zone can be a challenge. Continuing to do so until a new tree or shrub root system is established is even more challenging. This is without doubt, one of its successes read more

TOLLEY’S Nurseries PTY. LTD.

We plant an average of 8 – 9 thousand trees a year. We made a switch from aggie pipes and wells made from soil to your green wells about 3 years ago across our contracts and found them to be very beneficial as far as getting water into the trees. read more

Glenn Campbell FORD from Citywide

I'm glad we met and had a little chat, and more than happy that I bought your wonderful product. I will most definitely be buying more of your wonderful invention, and I tell anyone with ears, how well it has worked for me. read more

Elaine (and my happy plants)
The Greenwell Water Saver in Action
Just Some of the Councils Currently Using Water Savers

Councils, businesses and individual gardeners love Greenwell Water Savers.
We currently supply to Australia, USA, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Germany and more.

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Some Greenwells Installed in The USA and in Canada by Municipal City Councils

In The City Of Surrey In  British Columbia – CanadaIn The State Of Sunnyvale – California – USAIn The City Of Victoria in British Columbia CanadaIn The City of Montgomery in Alabama USAIn Tree River Massachusetts USA

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