Greenwell Water Savers


Sure Gro is a Melbourne based Horticultural Supply Company that service the Revegetation, Landscape and Nursery Industry.  Sure Gro is a supplier of the Greenwell tree surround product and we find that it is well liked and used throughout all of the tree industries that our sales reps deal with on a day to day basis.  Greenwell is a fantastic yet simple design that is ready available and is very easy to install.  From all accounts we find that the feedback that we receive from our customers is that Greenwell is highly use product in many situations of landscape and street tree planting

Sure Gro supplies the Greenwell to many types of councils, landscapers and we also find that it is recommended on planting specifications throughout Victoria and Australia.  Also with its ability to control ring barking via bush cutting / mowing, weed spray drift and capacity to help with water retention for the plant it surrounds making for an excellent way to help the plant in question become superior and mature specimen.  The team  at Sure Gro trust and recommend that the Greenwell product is the perfect finish to ensure that the trees and shrubs with in any planting project get the best growing protection and assistance that they need.


Matt Underwood
Landscaping Specialist