June 28, 2016

Hello Brian Measday

Since your introduction of the GreenWell water savers to me last year I have purchased two-hundred of the original 26 liter water savers for the City of Sunnyvale, California.  We have been installing them since the spring of this year with very positive results.  The water savers are easy to install at the time of planting and provide an excellent avenue for irrigation and establishment of new trees.

We are now in early summer here in California with our warm dry summer Mediterranean climate.  The GreenWell water savers have been quite a help in getting the new trees established.

Since the economic recession of 2008-11 we have been primarily relying on adjacent property owners to water newly planted trees with mixed results.  With the introduction of the GreenWell we have had several property owners comment on the ease of use water saver as well as it being a visual reminder to water their tree.  We had one property owner assisting her neighbor watering their new street tree as well.

So far so good with the GreenWell water savers here in Sunnyvale.




Leonard Dunn
Urban Landscape Manager
Street Tree Service
Parks Division
Dept. of Public Works
(408) 730-7598
[email protected]