To Brian,


Recently at St IGNATIUS College Adelaide we planted a significant amount of ornamental trees around the grounds. As you are aware we are experiencing the worst drought on record. At the moment most of our watering is done by hand with buckets which is our only option to keep the trees healthy and stay on the right side of new laws. A major problem for us was getting all of the water to stay where it is needed instead of it running away from the trees and down the path. Only a small percentage of the water was actually getting down to the root zone. The best thing we did was to install your water wells then mulch in and around the well. The trees have never looked better. We put one bucket of water in the well a week and that is all they need. We have reduced our watering by half. The wells are doing a fantastic job of getting 100% of the water down to the root zone. For such a cheap product they are such a fantastic in­vestment, our grounds are looking better for it. Thank you .

All the best with this product,

Richard Gordon

Grounds manager

St Ignatius College

Adelaide, South Australia