I have been using GreenWells in my garden for over 4 years and would like to tell you about the gardening success I have had.

My first GreenWell was placed around a small, stunted and previously neglected 10 year old fig tree. Prior to installing the Greenwell the fig had not received any regular watering other than precipitation and had never produced fruit. Within six months of discovering your product I was enjoying my first figs.

I placed my second GreenWell around a struggling female kiwi fruit vine. Alongside the female vine a male vine was going ok. Even though the vines received supplementary water from drip irrigation the female vine failed to thrive until I placed a Greenwell around it. The female is now exceeding the male in growth and I have flowers on both vines for the first time since they where planted more than 5 years ago.

As well as existing trees I now use GreenWells every time I plant. Reusing a GreenWell is so easy thanks to your clever design. I reuse GreenWells in my vegetable garden and for the past 3 years have grown zucchinis, squash and cucumbers with Greenwells. Although I have been reusing the same Greenwells for 3 years they are showing no signs of wear. I also use GreenWells for ornamentals such as jasmine, roses and clematis.

Current water restrictions in South Australian prohibiting the use of hoses or irrigation systems, except on one designated day per week, have caused concerned for many gardeners. Using your product I am able to abide by the water restrictions whilst still watering my garden in an efficient and effective manner.

I love the way the Greenwell can also be used to contain mulch and fertilizer around plants, further enhancing growth success.

I am confident I will have many more garden success stories using your product and would like to congratulate you on your invention that I believe will bring gardening success to many others.

Yours faithfully

Michelle Freeman