The Greenwell is a robust and simple solution for watering trees and shrubs. No fiddly parts or difficult instructions.

Simply place the Greenwell ring around the tree and fill with water. How easy is that!

Establishing trees and shrubs with Greenwell takes the guesswork out of watering. A standard Greenwell holds 26 litres of water and the large Greenwell holds 50 litres allowing an appropriate volume of water to penetrate the soil right at the root zone, no run off!

As a horticulturalist and garden presenter, I meet thousands of people at my workshops and questions about watering plants are always plentiful. I recommend using the Greenwell to establish trees, especially fruit trees. The Greenwell enables deep watering to establish stable trees and fertilisers and seaweed products are easily administered with the water.

To establish trees and shrubs, control watering and apply fertiliser, simply use a Greenwell.

Like any great product, there are imitators and those that claim to give the same results as a Greenwell but if you do your research, you will soon learn they have limitations. The Greenwell won’t blow away, fall over or leak. It won’t be destroyed by a lawn mower or whipper snipper and there is no fear of disease or trunk rot as the Greenwell doesn’t touch the tree trunk. It also holds a sufficient volume of water to supply your plant and you are not limited to liquid fertilisers.

If you like smart gardening and you want to establish trees and shrubs, simply use a Greenwell.

Karen Montgomery is a South Australian Horticulturist and Garden Presenter with a passion for edible gardening.

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