To Whom it May Concern,


As Team Leader of Arboriculture/Horticulture for the City of Unley, a metropolitan council in South Australia, I am responsible for approximately 30,000 park and street trees and many street beautifician sites including road closures, roundabouts, garden beds, etc. Managing the city's tree stock in such a dry and harsh climate that is southern Australia is very challenging especially when regenerating our stock during our tree planting programs.  The use of the GreenWell product has become part of our planting procedure and guidelines, it's benefits in ensuring the survival of our juvenile trees are many.  Firstly the product ensures that when watering the plant, significant water can be applied in a timely fashion without any run off or waste and the water is directed through the root profile.  Secondly, before using the Greenwell we planted deep within the soil so as to form our own natural water wells.  However, the Greenwell has allowed us to plant at natural ground level where soil nutrients and oxygen are more readily available, often less compaction and without the longer term risk so flower trunk rot and root girdling.  Furthermore, the GreenWell comes in differing sizes and can be removed once a plant becomes established and re-used.

I have great confidence and will be continuing my use of the product, I was happy to provide this recommendation without hesitation or convincing. If you have any further questions relating to the product do not hesitate to give me a call.




Joel Ashforth
Team Leader – Arboriculture / Horticulture
City of Unley / Depot
T 08 83725160 / m 0413 449 642 / f 08 82714579
[email protected]