Hi Brian,

I met you recently while you were in South Australia, at a Bunnings store in Mt Barker. I bought 3 of your GreenWell Water Savers, and I'm very happy to tell you that my plants have never looked better. They are very healthy looking now that all the water goes directly to the roots. And this is only after a few weeks! I fed my plants as soon as I put the GreenWell around them, and it was good to see no water run off, as is usual with our sandy soil. Also, we've had a few very hot days, with temperatures in the 40's, and my plants haven't been affected at all by the burning sun, as is usually the case, with burnt leaves and wilting. I'm sure this is because they have all the water they need to keep them happy.

I had a friend with me, a rather large man, (if that jogs your memory) and he too bought a GreenWell. He put it around a very sick young orange tree, and it too is now sprouting lovely new green leaves all over.

I'm sure you won't remember us, but I'm glad we met and had a little chat, and more than happy that I bought your wonderful product. I will most definitely be buying more of your wonderful invention, and I tell anyone with ears, how well it has worked for me.

Good luck with your business, and I hope it ends up making you a millionaire.


Elaine (and my happy plants)