Dear Brian,

I am writing in praise of your product the Greenwell Water Saver.

As you know from our conversation we have had a problem in the past with nurturing our exotic trees during the dry summers while at the same lime making it easy to irrigate the soil, fertilize the tree and mow the grass which springs up around the trunks of the trees.  A particular nuisance was cutting off the sprinkler heads with the slasher because they were obscured in the long grass.

We had toyed with other solutions but when we saw your product we knew it would be perfect for our application.

On average the Greenwells are buried to about half their depth although we have found that they are excellent using a wide range of such depths.  Each Greenwell was bedded in using a sandy loam to fill in the gaps.  The area inside the Greenwell was lopped with a porous weedmat and a layer of decorative gravel.  We have also placed the irrigation within the Greenwell so that they are no longer in danger of being decapitated during mowing.  We feel that this arrangement permits a goodly amount of the water to benefit the tree directly.

Weed control has been simplified in that no weeds grow within the Greenwell and if we spray for broadleaf weeds the Greenwell makes for a handy barrier to stop spray drift right onto the tree trunk.

The Greenwells have had to stand up to a certain amount of punishment.  Because of the number of trees we don't have the time to manicure around each tree   We cut the grass around the pin-oaks variously with a tractor mounted slasher, a ride-on mower and a line trimmer depending on the time of year.  To date the Greenwells have survived unscathed.

The results have been truly amazing. The exotic trees have thrived.  They seem to be in a continuous growth phase and I estimate that the best specimens are anything from twice to 10 times the size of the unprotected specimens.

We have been so impressed that we will simply not invest in another exotic tree unless it has a Greenwell for it and we are currently planning to fit Greenwells to all our existing exotic trees this coming Autumn.

I believe that the Greenwell is the simplest and most effective single tool available for anyone who has an interest in tree cultivation and protection.


Yours faithfully,


Dr Timothy Moss