Att: Mr Brian Measday


Citywide is responsible for maintaining in excess of 1.5 million trees along Australia's eastern seaboard, and is responsible for planting in excess of 20,000 trees per year for various local government authorities.

Caretaker to some of Australia's most iconic open spaces along its eastern seaboard, we are always looking for innovative and ecologically sustainable ways to maintain the health of our trees, and minimise our impact on the environment.

Five years ago our senior arborists were searching for an efficient method to water and sustain newly planted trees.  After trialling a number of technologies, we found them to unsuccessful because they were unable to conserve water use, inadequately assisted water to penetrate to the tree roots. and in some cases lead to greater water consumption and wastage.

Greenwell stood ‘head and shoulders' above all competitors ensuring newly planted stock received appropriate amounts of water to the root ball, allowing a considerable reduction in the amount of water used to maintain the trees.

Switching to the Greenwell has allowed us to develop an environmentally friendly watering regime, with savings of approximately 25% from each watering event. With such a large volume of new trees in our care requiring 35 watering events per year, this represents a significant saving in time and resources.

With the help of Greenwell Citywide continues to deliver a high quality service to our clients, whilst doing our part to conserve one of Australia's most precious resource – water.


Matt Williams
Business Unit Manager
Citywide Service Solutions