As the City Arborist for Frankston City, a Municipality covering an area of 130 square kilometres on Port Phillip Bay, 30 kilometres from Melbourne, I am very much aware of the importance that Arborists place on the proper watering of newly planted young trees and also how important it is to save as much water as possible during the watering operation. For over 30 years I have been planting street trees into suburban roads for local municipalities.

When the inventor of the Greenwell product asked me to provide this endorsement concerning his product, I said I would be pleased to be able to share with fellow Arborists my long standing, hands on experience and resulting knowledge concerning the Greenwell product. We have used the Greenwell product in the Frankston Municipality for approximately fifteen years to water, and significantly improve survival numbers of newly planted young trees. In our Municipality we plant approximately three to four thousand trees each year. For our Municipality the Greenwell product has been an outstanding success.

A major benefit of the Greenwell product is that it allows for a greatly improved watering regime during the establishment period of newly planted trees. The product has been very well received by our various contractors responsible for planting trees in a variety of urban situations. Because the Greenwell product greatly reduces the run off of water during the watering operation and, in fact, delivers the water quickly and direct to the tree root ball, it therefore saves water and watering time. Greenwell has been a finalist in a major Award in Australia for saving water

Other associated benefits resulting from using Greenwell’s in our Municipality, that we have found to be of significant importance, are:

  1. Greenwell avoids the need of whipper snippers to manage grass close to planted trees and so saves the subsequent damage that these devices will do to new trees.
  2. The $ cost savings by improving the efficiency of tree water delivery allows my contractor to complete a maintenance run assured that all water provided will stay within the well and quickly reach the tree root system. While the internal mulch layer is kept neat and within the Greenwell walls this also means we don’t need to add soil wetting agents to assist water penetration in hydrophobic soils.
  3. The recyclable quality of Greenwell’s (Greenwell’s patented zip join allows for easy installation and reuse) means that once trees are established we can remove & reuse the Wells again & again as they can withstand repeated use. The resulting $ cost advantages are obvious.
  4. The sides of the Greenwell Product slope outward therefore when installed in the ground the pressure of the soil on the sloping sides makes it very difficult for vandals to pull them out of the ground. They are easy to remove from the ground with a shovel or similar device but vandals do not ,in the normal course of events, carry such devices

I trust that the following photographs will better enable Arborists to understand the function and multipurpose functions of the Greenwell product.

Derek Lynn Senior

Arborist Frankston City Council OSS

Civic Centre, 30 Davey Street


Ph: (03) 9768 1558 Mob: 0417 315 249

Dip of Sci Arboriculture. ISA Cert Arb AU-0297A

[email protected]


An opened product that is being displayed by the Australian inventor of the product

A product that has been installed in the ground










A street tree being watered with a Council water truck in Australia—note the product installed
around the tree base for the purpose of delivering all the water applied direct into the tree root


Recently planted trees, with Greenwell’s installed, in the Frankston City Municipality Area.