As the Tree Services Coordinator at Brimbank City Council situated in the state of Victoria in Australia my role is the responsibility of managing our tree planting programs. I am pleased to advise, after having checked and confirmed with our tree planting/watering contractor, that the water applied to our Council street tree plantings has been reduced by approx.25% following the installation of the regular sized Greenwell product. Before the adoption of the Greenwell product approx. 40 litres of water was applied to each newly planted tree during the watering cycle but now following the use of the Greenwell product approx. only 30 litres is necessary to apply. Under our current contract we have had around 90% success rate in the survival of newly planted trees, much of the remaining 10% is attributed to vandalism. The survival rate of our newly planted trees has been improving with the assistance of using the Greenwell product and has reduced the wastage of water.

Our Council contractors have in the last 3 years been planting around 2000 trees per annum which will be in­creasing to approx. 4000 in the 2014/15 financial year and these trees are watered, at least, 35 times in each of the first two years after planting.

The use of the Greenwell product has resulted in a significant reduction of water usage at our council.

We are also using the Greenwell product to assist with the directional training of tree roots in the urban environment to help us minimise the potential for surrounding infrastructure damage. By that, I mean helping to get the roots to go down & under footpaths,kerb/channel and minimise future litigation on tree root damage claims.


Greg Keane
Tree Services Coordinator / Operations