Dear Brian,


Thank you for the privilege of reviewing your Greenwell product for use in Texas.  I appreciate all of the time and effort you took to answer my questions.  I am always looking for improved products that better meet the needs of my clients.  Although I have not been able to personally use the Greenwells (not available here), after reviewing the information sent as well as, corresponding with multiple people in your area that have used your product, I believe Greenwells has a substantial benefit over other tree-watering devices currently available to us in the United States.  The following would be my recommendation for application here in Texas:

  1. City application for new or transplanted trees along streets/medians where bubblers are insufficient or unavailable (just about everywhere)
  2. Landscape architects, landscape and tree companies that install new trees (especially commercial sites)
  3. Trees planted on sloping sites

Companies here rely on bubbler systems that are really inadequate and then try to utilize gator bags when their trees become stressed.  Neither of these can provide sufficient water on a normal basis, but especially not during the extended drought we are in.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to review the product and if given the opportunity, would like to test it here in the Dallas area.  As we attend our meetings with other arborists, I will see what feedback I can give you.






JSA Certified Arborist