Dear Sir


Greenwell Product

The Adelaide City Council have installed hundreds of Greenwell water saving units around street trees in the City of Adelaide.

As a result of installing the Greenwell units, we have been able to substantially reduce our watering visits and consequently, the amount of water used by our Council in the maintenance of street trees.

The Greenwell units retain water within the tree root zones and at the base of the trees, therefore, water run off, which has always been a problem when we are watering our trees, is almost eliminated.  Thus the Greenwell units, as stated above, have reduced water wastage, during the watering process, to a minimum.

Deep root watering is so very important in maintaining healthy plant growth.  The Greenwell units ensure this favourable result.

Greenwell water saving units can now be seen around the base of street trees throughout the City of Adelaide.

The information included in this communication has been received from senior officers, who are responsible for street tree maintenance, within our Parks and Gardens Department   We will continue to monitor the results of using the Greenwell water saving units.  We are very pleased with results to date.


Yours faithfully


Tony Hitchin

Manager, Marketing Services